Cut Out Shoulder Sweater

styling cut out shoulder sweater
Cut out shoulder sweaters and mules are all over the internet. I am happy that mules are so in fashion right now, because they are so comfortable, bye bye blisters :)) I got this pair from New Look via Asos few months ago. I decided to go for a nude colour so that it goes well with everything and I can admit now that it was my best decision. Speaking about the sweater, it's my first cut out shoulder sweater. I did hesitate a little bit before buying it, because of the usefulness of this sweater. I have to admit that these cut outs don't make this sweater the warmest thing in the world. Knowing that I am always cold, it is a big issue. Anyway, the colour and cut outs are beautiful, but I won't be wearing  a lot this sweater in winter time :)) On the other hand, it's a very nice transitional piece in a wardrobe to have. 

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La Pochette de Janette

As they say better later than never. So I am finally sharing with you guys what I got in one of the Pochette de Janette bags. These little surprises always make my day, especially when  I am very happy with what I find inside.

This Eau de Cologne "Acqua colonia" is my favorite thing from this pochette. It  has pink pepper and grapefruit notes. The scent is really refreshing, floral and spicy at the same time. I find it a perfect scent for the summer. P.S. Let's take some time to admire the packaging, it is so gorgeous, isn't?

Another product I was happy about is this shampoo with donkey milk from Asinerie. I have never tried shampoo with donkey milk, so I am really looking forward to test it out. It supposes to clean and condition the hair and is suitable for all types of hair.

Temporary tattoos are still trendy. These are from Mauviette Tattoos. Their design is not entirely up my alley, because I do prefer the gold/rose gold or silver ones, but it could be quite fun to try something different, right? I imagine styling these tattoos with a leather jacket or denim jacket to get that edgier look.

Moving on to other items of the pochette, I was intrigued by the Sili'sponge for applying foundation, bb cream and all that jazz. I am very into my Real Technique's sponge, which I find so useful for flawless application, but there always comes a time when you need to change to a new one, so I will give a try to this silicone sponge. I'll let you know!

There were few more items in this pochette like magnet from National Museum of History and Art in Luxembourg, also a voucher of 25 euros at Mea Culpa in Bascharage.

I have to thank the magazine Janette for this cute La Pochette de Janette that surprises every time!

Favourite Scented Candles for Winter

I am a huge fan of candles, especially in winter time. There is no evening at my home without few candles burning. It feels cosier and warmer that way. I also have a slight addiction to various candle holders, if I spot something nice, I need to get it, because I like to change the decor from time to time and candles and their holders are a great way to do so. My favourite candles are scented ones. The ones that fill the whole room and apartment with their scent. I don't like candles that smell good only when you put your nose close, but when you burn there is no fragrance at all.. So I thought why not to share few of my favourite scented candles with you. These are a little bit on a pricey side, but I prefer to buy one good scented candle and enjoy, appreciate it for a long time than ten cheap candles that don't last and don't spread any scent.. You get the idea! So let's get started!

ARCHIPELAGO BOTANICALS is one of my most favourite candles brands. They use soy wax for each candle. Black orchid scent is really powerful and smells heavenly when you enter the room. It's what I love about this candle.

Scented candles-lifestyle blog
Another Archipelago candle Cotes de Rhone. It's my second jar, I just needed to rebuy it, that's how I like it. This is a huge candle, meaning it burns for around 100 hours. It's more on a sweet and warm note, but at the same time also very powerful: fills 40 square meters room easily with a strong fragrance.

Favourite scented candles
Another American pure soy candle brand KOBO. Beautiful packaging with light, not overpowering scents. D'anjou Lychee is a sweet scent mixed with jasmine, a hint of sandalwood and of course lychee. It burns 80 hours. I almost finished this candle, which makes me sad, but I will be definitely reusing this beautiful jar for my bathroom, for example, for the cotton pads..

Best candles for winter
Last, but not the least is french brand HYPSEO. I have their candle holder and two candles. First one is Thé Noir, which is almost over and the second, newest candle is The Bourbon. Both fragrances are more on a sweet side (favourite) and fill room with a light, not too aggressive scent compared to Archipelago ones.

All Lithuanians can find these candles in the Candelaria Home Fragrances Boutique.

So these are my most burned candles at the moment. Do you have your favourite candles? Share it with me!!

My Style 2016

Style recap 2016
Happy New Year! I hope you had a great time during all festivities. I did and I am sad that everything is already over... Looking back into 2016, I am not sure if it was my best year, it was just okay, but I hope 2017 will be better and more fun. At least, I will try to do my best! The best thing what happened last year was our dog - English Cocker Spaniel, who we called Bambou. He brought a lot of joy in our every day life. It's crazy how dogs can be so happy and excited to see you every time. I know he hasn't made an appearance on the blog yet, but he does from time to time on my Instagram page.

Speaking about the outfits. Well, in 2016, there was a lot of grey, blue, black and white. My favourite colours. I didn't experiment a lot of with my style, I tended to stick with basics and casual most of the time, but this year I decided to challenge myself and experiment a little bit more. Fashion should be fun, and I guess in 2016 I forgot it a bit. I also noticed that I posted less outfit posts last year, so one of my blog related goals for 2017 is to create more 'My style' articles and to improve their quality, maybe change a little bit the presentation or at least improve my posing skills (I am speaking about my favourite 'right hand touching my hair' pose :)) So to start a new year, I gathered all my style articles in this post.

Wish you all the best for 2017! Let's be strong, let's be more confident and let's stress less! I will leave you now with one of my favourite quotations:

live! live the wonderful life that is in you! let nothing be lost upon you! be always searching for new sensation! be afraid of nothing! 

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