cooking time

I love pasta. Pasta is good. Quick, easy, tasty. That's what I like about it. So one day hunger made me prepare something eatable for myself and I chose pasta. I had red paprika, carrots, so I sliced everything, poured canned tomatoes with juices, cooked a little bit, then added shrimps, spices, et voila you have pasta sauce :) I will have to correct myself a bit. People who are experts of pasta's may notice that tagliatelle in my picture is thinner, actually, it's called tagliolini, when I was preparing the photo I wrote the name without thinking that my pasta was tagliolini. It's not a big mistake, as tagliolini is a variety of tagliatelle pasta :) next time I will be more cautious :)

Happy Friday!!


The cap

Most of the time I don't like to wear caps, just because after wearing them my hair becomes a total mess. But when it's cold outside and you are having a nice walk or if you want to have a nice walk, so you really need to put something on your head, so that it doesn't get frozen. This colorful cap I like very much. Not only because it's a gift for me and has a precious meaning, but also I love colors and it's so warm and feels so good on my head, no squeezing feeling. I say yes to the caps!! I wish I could say the same when I was fifteen :)

merci goes to my dear love for these photos


Galvoju, koks pasaulis būtų be meilės... Šaltas..bejausmis...niūrus? Oj nenoriu aš į tokį pasaulį. Džiaugiuosi, kad pažįstam tą jausmą - meilę. Tikrai tikrai visi jį turim ir tikrai turime, kam jį padovanoti, tik kad kartais kvailas išdidumas, baimė būti atstumtam ar dar kažkas stoja prieš mus ir trukdo išreikšti šiltus jausmus. Och, meilė yra mūsų variklis. Ji skatina būti geresnius, siekti daugiau, tiesiog viduj kažkas užsikuria ir tas jausmas beprotiškai geras. Linkiu visiems meilės, didesnės, mažesnės, tačiau tos tikros, tyros, švelnios, vedančios į priekį...

"Meilė - nelyginant medis: ji išauga pati, giliai suleidžia šaknis į mūsų būtybę ir neretai žaliuoja ir žydi net mūsų širdies griuvėsiuose."
Viktoras Hugo

picture taken by my lovely boyfriend

it's all about the details

Hello, my dear readers! Accessories play a huge role in my life, especially earrings, bracelets, necklaces, okay, so mostly everything that I can put on myself :)) Seriously, I can't leave home without earrings and watch, if that happens somehow (the percentage is about 1% ) I feel like not myself, like half naked and I really don't like to feel that way. I tell you it's quite serious. Most of my pieces are colorful, because I really like how it makes an regular outfit more interesting. Of course, every lady has to have some classic stuff, and I do have them too. With details you can create a lot of. So I decided to share some pieces of my accessories and how I keep them. Unfortunately, I don't have that much of space to store everything as I would like, so that's why plenty of bracelets are hidden in my closet. I hope you will like this little sneak peak to my accessories!

Have a beautiful Wednesday!!

{three things}

magazine "Moteris"
Hey hey hey!! How are you doing???  I haven't posted anything else since last Sunday. Sorry about that.. Today I will share my top three things of this week. Again :) forgive me, but I really like this section, I hope you do the same ;) First one, is the new issue of my favorite magazine "Moteris". I can say that it's my the most bought magazine, just because it has a lot of interesting and inspiring articles, a little bit of fashion and beauty stuff and other common topics. I really like this month's issue, especially the interviews with young talents. So inspiring!
Crafting time

This Saturday my muse visited me..unexpectedly :) I was so happy and welcomed her/him ( have no idea what my muse sex is :)) with my arms opened and used it wisely. Making cards is my thing, I really like it, so this time I took my paper supplies and got so involved in creating Valentine's days cards. For my beloved ones.
Dry shampoo 
This week my saver is this dry shampoo. Don't get me wrong, I do wash my hair and I do take care of myself, but it happened that I am sick abit and I can't wash my hair for the particular reason, but still I need to go to the doctor, which means I can't leave my home with dirty hair...oooh no no no way. So dry shampoo is my little miracle, ok fine, quite big miracle, helper. The result was amazing, fresh and light hair just in few minutes. I announce this dry shampoo best product of my week! Who created this?? I need to thank from all ladies!!